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( Actual Size: 9/16" x 1-1/4" )
( Weight = 17 grams )

  Put-&-Take  was first played in old Victorian England as a pub game, Legend has it that the game was adapted by British soldiers during WW I who would split down their bullets, file and engrave the flats to create this superb gambling game to occupy their time in the trenches. It is believed they would play for cigarettes, money, food etc. Later Put-&-Take was manufactured as we see it today and played in pubs for money.

MilSpec is re-introducing this fantastic game with all new spinners made from the finest quality aircraft grade stainless steel which is machined using state of the art CNC turning centers and precision balanced for a piece that will spin perfectly and last forever, with a finish so bright and shiny you will need your sunglasses!

The MilSpec Put-&-Take Top is unique from other similar spinners because it has eight sides rather than the usual six which makes for more player action! Also, the MilSpec Put-&-Take Top is machined and balanced so well that spins on a smooth surface can easily last more than one minute. The record here in the office is 1:43. Can you beat it?

The number of people that can play at one time is limited only by the number of players that can crowd around the table. This is a simple game to learn, with only a few rules, and you can establish as many variations as your tolerance for risk will allow.

How to Play:

1.   The first spinner establishes the "Ante" amount to start a round.
2.   Each player puts up an Ante.
There can be any number of rounds to a game.
3.   The "Ante" can be anything. An amount of money, tokens, clothing, even livestock, use
      your imagination!
4.   Any spinner can start a round of play.

5.   The first player spins the top. If the top comes down "P" side uppermost the player puts
      into the pot the amount of Ante(s) indicated (i.e. Put one, two, three or All). For "AP" all
      players re-ante one into the pot. If the spinner lands with "Take" side uppermost the
      player takes the amount indicated from the pot. After spinning the player passes the top
      to the next player. For “Take All” the player takes the whole pot. The game can then  be
      re-started with a new Ante.

6.   The Top can be passed in any direction as long as it maintains that same direction for the
      entire round.
The markings on the top generally mean:

T1 = The spinner takes one (1) Ante from the pot.
T2 = The spinner takes two (2) Antes from the pot.
T3 = The spinner takes three (3) Antes from the pot.
P1 = The spinner Re-Antes one (1) into the pot.
P2 = The spinner Re-Antes two (2) into the pot.
P3 = The spinner Re-Antes three (3) into the pot.
AP = The spinner and "All Players" Re-Ante one (1) into the pot.
TA = The spinner "Takes All".

The MilSpec Put-&-Take Spinning Tops are now only $12.00 each!

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